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THE HANBOK is striving to spread the beauty of Korea's tradition throughout the world.

Each and every one of your precious events is a valuable asset and happiness to THE HANBOK.

We will provide unforgettable memories to you through our meticulous and sincere needlework.

We will participate in your memories with a sophisticated yet reasonable price.

Hanbok Rental or Custom Made


Time can bring us to many different moments in life, But when two imperfects become perfect is when The Hanbok wants to humbly say Congratulations.

the hanbok_더 한복_,대여243.jpg


The traditional wedding ceremony dates us back to thanking our parents, family and friends with a respectful bow. The Hanbok wants to make this symbolic moment memorable with beauty and grace.


The very first step means the beginning of a precious journey and The Hanbok would love to take part in cherishing each of those footsteps.

the hanbok_더 한복_,대여16.jpeg
the hanbok_더 한복_,대여125.jpeg


The Korean tradition and beauty are deeply rooted in our mother's heart, and through them, we can create unforgettable memories with her.


Whether you're attending a wedding, a cultural festival, or just want to add a unique touch to your wardrobe, the Hanbok is a versatile and elegant choice.

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Tue - Fri / 10 am - 6pm
Sat/ 10 am - 6pm
Sun & Mon/ closed

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